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The following telescopes can be purchased from either First Light Optics, or Rother Valley Optics, if you live in the UK. 

However... A great place to pick up second-hand equipment in Europe/North America is AstroBuy and Sell, especially when you get into the more expensive gear!

Level: Beginner

  • Skywatcher 8/10inch Dobsonian

Level: Intermediate

  • Skywatcher 200/250 PDS + EQ6-R PRO 

  • William Optics RedCat 51 + iOptron Skyguider Pro

  • Skywatcher Espirit 100ED + HEQ5 PRO

Level: Advanced

  • Celestron Edge 11/14 + Skywatcher EQ8-R PRO

  • Meade LX200 ACF 8" UHTC GOTO Telescope

Telescopes from Amazon

If you're after a more generic, easy to use telescope for beginners and intermediates, then I'd highly recommend checking out these telescopes that are currently available to order from Amazon.




A reflector telescope
A refractor telescope
A reflector telescope
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