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Our recommendations

Below are some products that we personally use or have done so in the past and that we would highly recommend to anyone interested in astronomy.

We've also included helpful products that we use for other interests, in the event that you happen to share that same interest and would like to help the website out! 

These are affiliate links, so we get a small commission on the sale at absolutely no extra cost to you. It really does help to grow this website so that we can reach more and more people.


Thank you!

(Just click on the names and they should take you straight there)

A nebula

Universe Sandbox

An excellent way to learn astrophysics, Universe Sandbox offers the single most immersive and joyful way to familiarise yourself with the universe! 

An absolute no brainer for anyone interested in astronomy/science, of all ages. Only a standard PC is required, although VR users will be able to take advantage of the ability to see everything unfold in 1st person!


Support the community in our mission!

Click below to visit Universe Sandbox at no additional cost, while helping us to inspire as many people as possible to invest their time into knowing the universe.  Just search for Universe Sandbox when you get there!

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