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You are star-dust

Every atom that makes up your body, likely came from the remnants of a previously existing star.

You can read more about the life cycle of a star here, but what essentially happens is that once a star reaches the end of its lifetime, its matter is blown away into the cosmos, forming a "nebula".

Nebulae are vast clouds of gas and dust that will eventually come together under gravity (plus dark matter) and coalesce to form the next generation of stars and planets, and we're no exception to this.

You're made from this so called "star-dust", and so is everything else around you.

See below some pictures of famous Nebulae!

The Carina Nebula - image credit: NASA


The Eagle Nebula - image credit: NASA


The Orion Nebula - image credit: NASA


The Sun, and everything else in our solar system, was once the mere remnants left behind from the explosion of a star (from a "nebula") that existed billions of years ago.

If you look up at the night sky, depending on where you live, you might not be able to see all that much.

Maybe a few points of light, maybe lots, but the universe is littered with these vast nebulae that are essentially stellar nurseries.

If you invest in a decent telescope (I have a separate guide on that here), then you'll even be able to see these clouds with your very own eyes.

Some of the most famous nebulae include the Orion Nebula, The Horsehead Nebula, The Cat's Eye Nebula, The Tarantula Nebula and many, many more.

How is this significant?

I'm not sure really! Perhaps you can decide that for yourself.

But, for me, it's an important reminder that we, along with everything else in our universe, are inherently connected, and that can be a powerful concept at times of doubt in your life.

Thanks for reading!

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