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Our Mission

We genuinely believe that everyone is truly perplexed by the scale of this universe, but it takes a degree of confidence in yourself to become inspired by it. Most people live their lives thinking that it’s too complicated or difficult for them to understand, but the reality is that the universe is in chaotic harmony.

We can almost guarantee you that your own life is more complicated to understand than the principles of the universe that have been developed over centuries. It obeys laws, for the most part at least. You just have to have a little faith in yourself, and we're sure you’ll want to stick around to know everything about the place that we call home. 


Thousands of years ago, the only window that we had to the outside world was the night sky. Fast forward to about 400 years ago, and Isaac Newton invented the first reflecting telescope. The people that came before us spent their entire lives looking for the answers that you can find in a click of a button, or at least that’s the point of Expansive

This is a virtual home for anyone who wants to learn and discuss with other like-minded people about this universe. 


Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking… they were all just people, like you and I. Remarkable people, but just people. You have that power too, so use it. 

Our writers

We're simply people who have invested years of our lifetimes into trying to understand the universe that we live in. 

We're not professionals, and we don't filter our writers by educational achievements and opportunities.

The purpose of Expansive is to share what we've learned with anyone who's interested, and we don't intend for the information on this website to be taken as Gospel. 

While we have invested serious amounts of personal time into the subjects that we talk about here, we are not qualified professionals and everything must be taken with a pinch of salt, especially since most of the content is theoretical to start with!

As well as sharing what we've learned, Expansive is a great way for us to truly test our understanding of certain concepts.

"If you can't explain it simply, then you don't know it well enough..."

                  - Albert Einstein, 1879 - 1955

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